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  • Casappa POLARIS 10 Flow Divider

    Casappa Flow Divider PLD 10


    Gear flow dividers made of high resistance¬†aluminum¬†alloy. Modular Design Accurate division of flow Compact overall dimension Built in relief valve Modern machinery with increasingly complex circuits often needs combinations of separate and independent move- ments. Casappa POLARIS 10 flow dividers provide technically advanced, low cost power transmission and solve application problems wherever hydraulic flow has…

  • Prince Hand Pump PM-HP-10B

    Prince Hydraulic Hand Pump PM-HP-10B


    11/16″ Chromed and Ground steel piston O-Ring and Hytrel backup washer pressure seals Extra heavy 14 3/4″ long handle Selective two position handle Steel tubing reservoir Four bolt mounting for 3/8″ bolts Horizontal or vertical mounting Float check to prevent oil from sloshing out Dipstick to check oil level Handle Carrier to prevent losing handle